Toro Y Moi-Talamak / Hid

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painting a mural isn’t fucking street art.

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Hang on, hang on don’t lose composure now

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I got a package from Japan and omg it was the worlds cutest condoms #rilakkuma
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On one hand I’m wicked late to the party, but on the other hand did you know they made boys size 5 janoski’s?
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I had the most spiritually awakening yoga class today. The woman next to me queefed.

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"Worst Bitch is a band formed in late 2012 by poorgirlhustle and marijuanafangirl, who claim alternatively to be brother and sister or mother and son. They make no music, but instead release full length albums of their auto-tuned laughter over the film Charlie’s Angels (2000)."

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I want a deer tattoo

Jen Startk